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Experian credit score
Get Your Free Credit Score Experian.
What is the FREE Experian Credit Score? The Experian Credit Score runs from 0-999 and is based on the information in your Experian Credit Report. The higher your score, the greater the chance you have of getting the best credit deals.
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If you have a low score or there is room to improve, checking your credit report can help you see whether the information on it is correct and understand what could be affecting your score. To find out your options for viewing your Experian Credit Score or Experian Credit Report, see which product is right for you.
Check Your Credit Report FICO Score Experian.
FICO Scores are developed by Fair Isaac Corporation. The FICO Score provided by ConsumerInfo.com, Inc, also referred to as Experian Consumer Services ECS, in Experian CreditWorks SM, Credit Tracker SM and/or your free Experian membership as applicable is based on FICO Score 8, unless otherwise noted.
FREE Experian Credit Report and Credit Score check yours.
Whether its a new car, a mortgage or a loan, your credit report acts as the key to unlocking those possibilities. You can get your Experian Credit Report by signing up for a free 30 day trial to Experian CreditExpert. Youll get unlimited access to all of the information on it, as well as other things like your Experian Credit Score, alerts, monitoring of your personal information online and more.

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